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4Time WEB

4Time WEB

A web-based clocking terminal management system designed for device distributors, security agencies, and other companies providing services related to working time and attendance.

A flexible business model

Multiple layer

The system can be used for a range of different business models, and allows the required infrastructure to be located wherever needed.

The classic model

4time can be used in a standard way, like its predecessor Kronos Guard Net.

Rental model

The system allows the division into 'subsystems' rented out by clients, for example security agencies. It is also possible for end customers to have separate access. All levels of access are based on the use of web browsers.




New functionality

Apart from providing full Kronos Net functionality, 4time also offers a range of new possibilities, for example creating rounds that consist of a series of rounds. The system also includes the option of displaying device locations on a map. Amongst a range of other innovations, end customers are also able to remotely manage their data.




The system can work with any devices – the list of devices supported is updated at the request of clients or producers.

The system can be installed on physical or virtual servers, and the resources and terminals can subsequently be made available to other users. This is particularly attractive for producers and distributors of devices as they can send example devices with system access codes, making it unnecessary for users to install software locally.