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Since 2010 Kronos Polska has been the exclusive distributor of Next! Kronos software – solutions for monitoring station management. 



We offer free solutions for startup security companies (Kronos Lt), as well as a professional system for fully integrating and managing security agencies (Kronos Net).

We focus on our clients' needs and provide comprehensive customer service, as well as offering reliable equipment from the most well-known and worldwide renowned manufacturers. Kronos Polska supports its clients in their search for revolutionary solutions in the field of monitoring and security, while at the same time realising dedicated projects for the security market and other branches of industry.

Proof of our products' versatility is the fact that they are used not only by security agencies in Poland, but also for risk and environmental monitoring by some of the biggest joint-stock companies (Heineken, Papier Kwidzyn), petrochemical plants (Lotos Group, PGNiG), power stations, the military (the Polish Naval port in Gdańsk), airports (Warsaw Okęcie), the police, fire brigades and many others.

For companies operating in the field of security we offer a range of devices for all types of monitoring in any shape or form.

If you are interested in any of the products we have on offer, please contact us directly for more information.



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