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Kronos Net

Kronos Net

Kronos Net is a monitoring, service and management platform  designed for security agencies. Thanks to the implementation of the latest software solutions, the Kronos platform helps to reduce operating costs and increase profits.

The system is ideal for situations involving flexibility and heavy workloads, and where individual system elements are distributed over a wide area. The programme is a fully web-based system written using the latest software solutions, maximising automisation and providing assistance with responses to events, including support in decision-making by management personnel.


Location services for children and the elderly

Medical monitoring

Fire monitoring

Vehicle monitoring

  • current and previous locations
  • excessive speed alarms
  • integrated zoning
  • verification of fuel use

CCTV monitoring

  • video recording
  • compatible with IP and DVR cameras
  • image and video sequence recording
  • direct access or via web browser
  • remotely controlled

Environmental monitoring

  • receiving analogue signals
  • value exceeded alarms
  • mathematical formulas

Guard monitoring

  • on-line monitoring
  • different paths and callendars

Vending machine monitoring

  • intelligent counters
  • statistical reports

Additional functions

Access control

  • verification of working time
  • automatic reporting

Response team management

Call center

  • incoming and outgoing calls
  • caller identification
  • call recording
  • TAPI and special open protocol

Time functions

  • periodic, status, status change, range, task
  • double-checking
  • account time (UMT)


The system is both simple and ergonomic and helps both to reduce costs and to provide additional services.

The software is fully web-based and links dispersed branches into one system no matter how wide the area. Each module works independently from the others, and the safe three-tier architecture effectively blocks any unwanted external interference.